Post-Midterms: Where the country stands

The question lurking behind everything now is simple: what happens now?

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The Travesty of Political Parties

In America, there have almost always been factions, even back to the days of British tyranny. The Loyalists and the Patriots; those who maintained that America, as a colony, benefits from British rule and protection, and those who believed in an independent America, free from the mother country, one that would thrive on its own. […]

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The National Anthem

These United States of America, a Republic that has withstood countless wars and endless cultural evolution, continues to stand at the forefront of the world, all eyes gazed upon her leaders to guide us forward. Though her formation was perilous and traitorous to the British Crown, formed it was, from the ashes of a violent […]

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For all conservatives, republicans, libertarians, and freedom-loving Americans

For all of those who self-identify as a Republican, Tea Party member, right-wing ideologue, conservative, remotely Republican, or love freedom, listen up. So far, we have seen an all out assault on conservative, American values from the founding; I’m not talking about slavery or white male dominated society, I’m talking about the American values of […]

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A World Lit Only By Fire

As Obama gets deeper into his final year in office, he and the Democratic party pursue their assault on America in a stronger force than they have in the past 7+ years. It’s been happening, but now, with the impending election this year, they have to make their mark now to make it virtually impossible […]

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Here we go…

Chris Christie, failed Republican candidate for 2016, New Jersey Governor who liked to tote his accomplishments on the hill and his state, has endorsed… Donald J. Trump. This comes as a shock to many on the right of the isle. Donald might even be a bit surprised. But when you look back on it, Christie didn’t […]

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The Bill of Rights: Part 5

Still headlong into our rights provided to us by the government go on with the 7th and 8th amendments. 7th Amendment: “In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined […]

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Dream Theater – The Astonishing

To move away from politics, because I could drone on about that all day, like Rush Limbaugh does (he’s A LOT better at it though), and talk about Dream Theater’s newly released double concept album with 34 “astonishing” track to its credit. Looking back at what the guys were releasing as far as plot line […]

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The Scalia Legacy

It was sad to hear about the passing of the honorable Justice Antonin Scalia this past weekend. He was a man who held firm to his beliefs, the beliefs that America was the solution not the problem, the beliefs every Republican should abide by. He believed in a Constitutional Republic, and his views were deemed […]

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