The Preamble

This is my first post as a self proclaimed “staunch” human being. What this means is that I hold firm to my beliefs, whether it be politics, music, religion, or anything in between. I will hold fast to my beliefs, and they will only continued to be fueled until I am no longer present in this world.

Let me start off with an introduction. I am a true conservative to the bone. I am accountable for my own actions, I am entitled to nothing, I have to work to get where I want. When I get what I want, I want to be able to keep it without the government trying to stick their hands in the pot and take my goods. The federal government needs to focus on the real problems with the nation as a whole, like the national debt, securing the border (because we have laws in this nation, whether or not the politicians will enforce them is a different story), and fighting those who are intent on the complete eradication of those who don’t agree with them and will not bend to their will.

That’s my introduction politically, at least some of it. The other aspect of my life is music, another topic I am very vocal and opinionated about. I listen to the complex, heavy stuff, to put it simply. Bands like Dream Theater, Symphony-X, Tool, Lamb of God, Meshuggah, but I also listen to classic Progressive Rock like Rush and Kansas. I listen to these band’s because their music is interesting, complicated, and makes sense in my mind. To me, most other music, especially pop culture music, is too simple and it’s dumbed down. Jazz used to be pop culture, and it’s a very complicated style. When you contrast that with today’s music, there’s a big different in quality and arrangement. Everything now is so synthesized and automated and simplified to basic song forms and even the melodies are overly simple. It’s party/dance music or talking about love in some sort of way, and it’s an overwhelming majority of pop culture music. The mainstream music is deviating from a vast variety of music, as you can hear the same song on multiple stations, multiple times in a day. It doesn’t click with me and I don’t get its appeal, but that could be because my brain is wired in an overly complex way. Who knows.

This is just who I am.


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