What do we do?

You know, when the United States was torn from the Civil War back in the 1860’s, there were many citizens that fled their homes and fled the states to different countries, therefore escaping conflict. If you know American history, then obviously you know that what I said was simply not true. Men, women, and children […]

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Do you take offense?

While we have the first amendment in place, there is a movement going across college campuses that is working to silence certain opinions and voices, namely, the ones they don’t agree with. It’s leading to the creation of “safe spaces” where college students can go and feel safe expressing their opinion if it doesn’t offend […]

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The Bill of Rights: Part 4

Continuing with the rights the government has provided for every American citizen, we have the 5th and 6th amendments, which we know from the “Miranda Rights”. The 5th Amendment: “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on  a presentment or indictment of a Grand jury, except in […]

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The Truth

I’m appalled. I’m vexed. I’m at a loss for words in light of what’s happened not just in Paris, but across the world. Obama going on record mere hours before the Paris attacks saying that ISIS isn’t spreading and that they’re contained. Brilliant. It’s amazing he knows how to read a map. But you don’t […]

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The War on Terror

The United States and our allies are losing the war on terror, it’s plain and simple. We purged Syria and Iraq of terror, and replaced it with the darkness that will bring about the story of Revelations; that is, if we don’t act now. Donald Trump rallies around Putin taking a strong position against ISIS, […]

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The Bill of Rights: Part 3

These next two amendments, the third and fourth, is the transition from liberties to rights, with the third being a liberty and the fourth starting the string of rights. The third amendment: states that “No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, Without the consent of the owner, nor in time […]

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The Bill of Rights: Part 2

Perhaps two of the most important liberties we retain, but are constantly under fire, are the first two amendments: the freedom of expression and the freedom to form militias to bear arms (yee-yee!). The First Amendment: To start off, the first amendment is made up of 5 parts: speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition. Freedom […]

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The Bill of Rights: Part 1

The Bill of Rights is the series of 10 amendments that proceed the Constitution, and doesn’t just contain rights, but also liberties, and it’s important to distinguish between them. A liberty is something you have that it inalienable, something you protect for yourself and your loved ones. Liberty is something you have or can do […]

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State of the Union

It’s absurd that more people don’t know what the Constitution says or what it entails. A common response is “I’ll leave it to the law professionals” which defeats the purpose of the Constitution as a whole. When we are completely ignorant, uneducated, and ill-equipped to function on our own, that it when tyranny and corruption […]

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The Constitution

The Constitution is 227 years old and is the law of our great nation. It set the ground works for our democratic society so that the federal government dealt with specific areas of governing, the states dealt with what was most important to the people in their state and not worrying about other states, and […]

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