State of the Union

It’s absurd that more people don’t know what the Constitution says or what it entails. A common response is “I’ll leave it to the law professionals” which defeats the purpose of the Constitution as a whole. When we are completely ignorant, uneducated, and ill-equipped to function on our own, that it when tyranny and corruption will take hold.

It’s absurd that we’re worried about offending other people. Pardon my speech, though if you’re offended, look at the first amendment, but when did we lose our balls as a nation? When did the pussification of America form? This is called “political correctness”, two words that threaten the very nation of our country. We’re worried so much about offending other people that we change who we are to bend to a social norm that maybe isn’t what we want to be, but we’re collectively forced and alienated into it. We’re all supposed to fit into a nice little box and be okay with being told what we can and cannot say. There’s a fine line between being respectful and having your voice repressed. In all honesty, this sensitivity happens at home with the children and even spreading to the adults of the world now. If you’re offended about a halloween costume, chances are you will not be prepared for the real world.

It’s absurd how the president has a two term limit (thanks FDR) but congressional members have essentially until death. The presidency was seen as the most feared position for political corruption because it was a single person job, essentially. Congress, though, was given more power because they represented people equally from all parts of the country to where laws could be passed to benefit everybody, not just half the population. But what it’s become is not just a Congress who writes 1,000+ page bills with so many earmarks in it that the law itself is useless, not just a language that is so difficult to understand, but a Congress who can stay in office because of special interest groups who fund them to do what they want, not the people. This is a Congress who will have studied law and has known law, maybe the military, and nothing else. They serve themselves and the special interest group their funded by. There needs to be a new amendment where Congressional term limits are set to further eliminate political corruption and the Cruz idea of the “Washington Cartel”.

It’s absurd that so many people are not active in their government, whether it be at a state or federal level. We are shooting ourselves in the foot every time we step out the door and return home without once thinking about the state of the union. People are willing to believe anything if it pulls at the heart-strings and makes people emotional. Only a limited amount of people look for the truth, the facts, and a clear answer to something. When people are emotionally moved to believe in something, chances are they have no extensive knowledge and have done no research on what they believe. Likewise, those who deeply oppose something often have no real alternative in place of what they so adamantly dislike. It’s disheartening to see more and more people in my generation unaware, uninformed, uneducated, and uncaring about our country and the future of not just the country but our lives and our rights and liberties that we hold so dearly.


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