The Bill of Rights: Part 1

borThe Bill of Rights is the series of 10 amendments that proceed the Constitution, and doesn’t just contain rights, but also liberties, and it’s important to distinguish between them.

A liberty is something you have that it inalienable, something you protect for yourself and your loved ones. Liberty is something you have or can do without government intervention, such as the freedom of speech and freedom to practice religion. The government protects these rights, as they are for the people.

A right is something given by the government to you, and such things are, but not limited to the right to an attorney, right to a fair and speedy trial, a trial by jury of one’s own peers. This is something that the government provides you with, but only when needed in legal conflict or other instances.

Welfare is not a right or liberty; when we think of “promoting the general welfare”, it in NO WAY means that the government gives monetary assistance and promotes that, it means quite the opposite; it means to promote the means necessary for people to have the opportunity to live a healthy life in a peaceful environment, free from tyrannical control.

To end the bill of rights though is the catch, and it’s perhaps the most relevant discounted thing in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the following seventeen amendments after, but will be explained later. The Bill of Rights is vital to ensuring freedom within our nations borders, and they all serve a purpose. They wrote these documents in full knowledge that technology and people were going to change, that we would gain territory, but they stressed that throughout all the superficial change the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the ultimate protector of our freedom, regardless, again, of the decade or century.


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