The Constitution

The Constitution is 227 years old and is the law of our great nation. It set the ground works for our democratic society so that the federal government dealt with specific areas of governing, the states dealt with what was most important to the people in their state and not worrying about other states, and that the people were ultimately the ones holding the power. Interesting concept? It shouldn’t be, because this country was designed and created by free-thinking individuals who didn’t necessarily have a law degree.

To put this in perspective, did you know that at the time of its creation and even ratification, the Constitution, as well as its predecessor the Articles of Confederation, were written so the average citizen with a grade school education could understand it? Nowadays, when people look at it, it seems like a foreign language because it is not only heavily worded but complexly arranged with explicit rules and regulations on governing. We don’t really understand it any more because we either don’t care about what happens in our government and society as a whole or we don’t care about our education. “How could you say we don’t care about education?? That’s blasphemous! That’s almost saying that we don’t care about our children!” Well, if you’re thinking that, you are correct. WE THE PEOPLE are in control, not the government, but we have collectively taken a back-seat to our own lives and how we’re represented and run as a country. The Constitution was written to be understood by the citizens without a law degree because if there was ever any instance of a seizure of government power, the people would be able to know what to do and how to act accordingly, by electing new representatives or even threatening secession, given the state be big enough, or to form a well regulated militia, to name a few. We the people are the government. That document we were founded on was written by some of the greatest minds and thinkers inspired by the Enlightenment period. *Side-quest – The enlightenment period was led by philosophers who were educated in everything to have a working knowledge of everything to form opinions. They didn’t have to have a degree in political science and graduate from three different law schools to write in an abstract language.* Our founders, who followed the Enlightenment, had the same mindset and style; they all wrote their works in a way that could be spread and understood by the remedially educated, from the common man to the large landowners. That being said, yes there were lawyers that held office in the Continental Congress during the revolution, but you also saw more involvement from those of all trades and crafts; you saw doctors, soldiers, businessmen, men of different socioeconomic classes represented to formulate a governing document to make it understandable for all, and to give the people as many LIBERTIES and rights as possible. This is something that is very, very lost on my generation and many more to come if there is no real change.


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