The Bill of Rights: Part 2

borPerhaps two of the most important liberties we retain, but are constantly under fire, are the first two amendments: the freedom of expression and the freedom to form militias to bear arms (yee-yee!).

The First Amendment:

To start off, the first amendment is made up of 5 parts: speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition. Freedom of speech is constantly infringed upon with the left’s pushing of “political correctness”. Even when it comes to having a sense of humor, if there is a slight chance you can offend someone, its wrong, don’t say it. “Political Correctness”, in its bare and horrifying form, is a social norm being adopted in our society that distorts the idea of being respectful into not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings. Not everybody is going to have the same view on something; it’s an inherent trait we have as humans. But just because there’s a difference of opinion, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t aloud to speak their mind and prove themselves to be right. Both sides of the isle are guilty of slander, but at least the right is upfront about not giving a s*** about holding back, while the left wants to make peace with everybody and tiptoe around people’s feelings. Prime example: Halloween costumes. Lord have mercy. Native American costumes that look nothing like the clothes of natives are insensitive and mean to them, because us white people destroyed, raped, and pillaged their kind throughout history. Children can’t wear that, but a ten year old can wear a police costume that has a very short skirt, tight shirt, and the only thing it might have in common with a police uniform is the blue. I don’t think children should be dressing to go to a dance club at that age, but I’m also outdated. Muslims were outraged with an Israeli soldier costume because it was offensive. You know what else is offensive? Making other people conform to your rituals if your a non-believer, chanting “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!”, to name a couple, but you are given free reign to do what you want. Why do we let this happen? Ben Carson got slammed because he wouldn’t advocate for a Muslim president unless they put their religion aside. People flipped out all over the country (while he gained popularity. Shocking, I know.) because of this taken out of context. It’s like if a very staunch Christian who lived by every word of the Bible ran for president. There’d be an outrage! Mitt Romney anyone? Why is the left allowed the slander black men and any woman associated with a conservative view, but the moment a conservative uses logic to assess someone on the left, there’s  outrage and their called an Uncle Tom, a traitor, or a bigot? “Political Correctness” is a policy institutionalized by the left to silence anyone who doesn’t agree with them and is a direct violation of the 1st amendment.

I’m not going to touch religion, because there’s a very apparent bias in the media and in the country to where we have to accommodate Muslims for everything while Christians are told to shut up.

Freedom of press is still protected, especially by acts of Congress, but middle schools, high schools, and colleges, are beginning to not let students look up sources that are on conservative sites. It’s not everywhere, but it’s starting to happen.

Freedom of petition is still very alive and well, the only one of the 5 still in its full use, from what I can tell. Its effectiveness is debatable, but it’s being used at the least.

Freedom to assemble has been massively distorted into riots and anarchy being protected. Examples from Baltimore, Ferguson, and any other place that claims to be affected by racist acts are being protected under the first amendment to express their anger and their want for reform. They idolize MLK, but did he ever lead riots? No. Those were assemblies of people for a cause, not a cluster-fuck of people seeing how much they can steal from the local convenience store, who throw rocks and attack SWAT and police officers on the street trying to lessen the destruction of property and lessen the inherent chaos of their actions. This is something that should be condemned without reason, but it’s given fuel to burn by the Obama Administration. They’re all for their liberty to protest, but perhaps they’ve forgotten what a protest is. Maybe if they spent more time looking into history and less on hateful rhetoric then maybe the situation would be different by now.

The Second Amendment:                                                      “A well regulated militia, be it necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” These are probably the most vital, and controversial twenty-eight words in the Bill of Rights. There exist many arguments about this amendment, that it’s outdated and useless, that it’s only for formed militias, that people are allowed to own guns as they please, and more. But let’s truly look at this amendment by what it says and in the context of history.

It is an awkwardly worded phrase, and it seems that there is an unnecessary little break or pause between “A well regulated militia, be it necessary to the security of a free State” and “the right of the people to keep and bear arms”, both of which resolve to “shall not be infringed”. The syntax of this amendment makes it difficult to understand, but it’s clear as day: the two phrases compliment each other but don’t dictate one be more important than the other. Meaning, that each phrase is independent of the other, but both are equally dependent on “shall not be infringed”. How did the founders fight back against British oppression? With guns. Guns of all sorts, guns of their time. They knew that technology would advance and our weaponry would become heavier and more dangerous, so they put this in so that the people are able to arm themselves as much as the standing army is and be able to form a civilian army independent of the government: a militia.

Ben Carson has been accused of blaming the Jews for the Holocaust by saying that they were armed and then Hitler took away their guns and rounded them up. This is a fact. When you take away a person’s main line of defense against oppression, whether it be the government or someone breaking into your home, you are left defenseless and can be taken over and controlled without a problem and by gun point. But Carson was right, Hitler did this. Now, I’m not saying our government is going to do any sort of ethnic cleansing, but the limitation of guns on law-abiding, freedom-loving Americans is unjust and completely unconstitutional on the premise that we will eventually lack the ability to stand up for our liberties and enforce them ourselves if the government so desires to one day attempt to take them away. The second amendment is the first and last line of defense for our freedom in this country, and if the lawful are punished, there is no hope.

Look at Chicago. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in America, and yet, they have one of the highest crime and violence rates in America. That’s because when city streets are run by the gangs, the violent, the lowest people ethically existing, there will always be guns, illegally. Banning guns from those who deserve their own safety is putting them in harm’s way should somebody go after them while they’re walking down the street. Bad people will always find a way to get guns. There is nothing politicians who HIDE BEHIND GUNS can do about that except let people protect themselves from those who wish harm on others. When gun death statistics are being put together, they rely on the sheer fact that somebody was killed by a bullet. Self defense and criminality aren’t factored in, and it is so to distort the facts to further an agenda.

But it is all more than just protecting yourself from the ill-minded, it’s about protecting yourself from the powers that be if they get too much authority over the country. We wouldn’t be here if we had swords against guns. We’d have a very different life. Guns are the tools of freedom, from the day we formed till the day we are called to fight for our rights and liberties.


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