The War on Terror

The United States and our allies are losing the war on terror, it’s plain and simple. We purged Syria and Iraq of terror, and replaced it with the darkness that will bring about the story of Revelations; that is, if we don’t act now.

Donald Trump rallies around Putin taking a strong position against ISIS, but that also means they side with Iran. With Iran blatantly violating the Nuclear Arms deal that liberals triumph, if they continue to side with Russia, the Middle East will be overrun and ruled by the Ayatollahs, and Europe will be more likely to side with Russia over the United States. This is a dangerous time. You know that when even Geraldo Rivera, the most liberal person on Fox News, says that the attacks in Paris is their 9/11. This is devastating, as well as horrifying. Not just on the superficial fact that almost two-hundred innocent civilians were killed and many more wounded, but also that the murders identified themselves as members of ISIS, that it was an ISIS mission, but that it was for Syria. That is the part people need to pay attention to.

President Obama had our military members train Syrian rebels. There thousands upon thousands of refugees from Syria headed all across the globe. Our allegiance is to the wrong movement as a country. You can sympathize for the women and children fleeing a war torn country that the US “provoked”, but these barbarians are using those women and children to do disgusting things. But there are men too, don’t let that go by the wayside. Our nation has no CLUE who these immigrants are; there are no records, no history, nothing on them and their past. We have no idea, if we continue to make safe havens in our country for immigrants, what we are doing to put our nation’s citizens at risk.

You cannot meet fire with love. You meet fire with a cold, dense, and vengeful retaliation.

France has been deemed a cowardly nation, at least it’s image is of that. It’s also the country of romance. This takes on a whole new meaning when psychopaths begin to romance total destruction. The French President Hollande has more guts than our own President by shutting the borders all together and having the military deployed on the streets. After this atrocity, he is doing what he can to protect his people. France is not the first country to close off its borders, though, in the European Union. Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, and others are trying to close their borders as much as possible. These undocumented people coming from a terror-ridden area are a great risk to the security of their nations as well as to the EU. Maybe if, in the US, we spent more time vetting immigrants and taking appropriate action to protect those of us who are here legally can became documented legally rather than vetting potential candidates and finding ways of libel and slander, then maybe, just maybe, we wouldn’t be a nation slowly turning into chaos.

Trump, as much as I hate to bring him up (I’m a Dr. Carson supporter, and Trump went to a new low in attacking Carson), is right in that we need to secure our border. But not just from Mexico, Mexico is only part of the problem, as well as central American countries. The problem lies with immigrants from all over. We’re pretty much an open border country. Talk about a major “F*** you” in the face of we the people. The National Guard should be employed in every state to ensure the safety of our civilians on the American-Mexican border, but also in the rest of the country that borders an ocean or Canada (sorry, Canada).

When you have an ideology that spreads like wildfire and kills just as much, you can’t contain it. Because sadly, even real fires are hard to contain on a massive scale. In the case of foreign terrorism, we need to address it like France did, CONTROL THE BORDER. We need to speak with our allies in the area (Israel, even though our President is hell bent on ensuring their demise by ignoring them and calling them the enemy) including Jordan, the Kurds, Egypt, and more, to not just attack and eliminate terror cells and tribes affiliating with ISIS, but going after the ISIS group directly, which means possibly boots on the ground. Not just 50 of our finest, but thousands. If we don’t get to them now, then they’re only going to grow in the years to come, and when their too big to fight off, there will be another World War. And in this day and age, there will be nowhere to hide.

Islam is a dangerous ideology. Many kill, neuter, defile, rape, and destroy in the name of Islam and in the name of Allah. We have an administration who thinks they can be reasoned with. We have an administration who will punish a Green Beret when stopping the raping of a young boy, who maybe is 10 years old. We have an administration who outright cannot seem to grasp the idea that radical Islam is not “Islamophobia” but a dangerous society that has declared jihad against Christians, Jews, Muslims, Americans, French, German, musicians, athletes, anyone who will not submit to their ideology, which is a religious and political ideology. The Quran doesn’t just give moral principles to live by, but instructions on what to do with a country, how to run a society. These “humans” are hiding behind women and children to demonize those who attack them and they claim that we’re the barbarians. It’s sickening. If they’re going to put their lives above those of women and children, then they are just sick. We are conducting coordinated air strikes against the enemy, but only if there are no civilian casualties. Did the allies do that in WWII in the bombing of Berlin? Did we show mercy when the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? If our military leaders and commanders in chief were that cowardly, that emotional, the allies might have lost WWII and the European and Pacific theaters would be vastly different.

How is ISIS different than Nazi Germany? Both wanted the mass extinction of a race (or in the case of ISIS, many races), and both succeeded. Both stooped as low as to hide behind civilians in hope that they won’t get killed and will get to kill us instead. BOTH WERE UNDERESTIMATED AND ACQUIRED GREAT POWER IN THEIR REGION. Fascism and radical Islam are equally as dangerous, and if Hitler were alive today and tried to take over Europe and the world, with the technology available today, we would truly be facing an apocalypse. This is the threat we face now. The only difference is the face of the enemy. There is a genocide in the making, and if we don’t identify and deal with the threat as it is now, then we have surely put the nail in our own coffin.


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