The Truth

I’m appalled. I’m vexed. I’m at a loss for words in light of what’s happened not just in Paris, but across the world. Obama going on record mere hours before the Paris attacks saying that ISIS isn’t spreading and that they’re contained. Brilliant. It’s amazing he knows how to read a map. But you don’t need territory to gain influence over people. You don’t need territory to spread your disease across nations. It’s amazing how Obama and the Democrats can even speak the word ISIS when the first “I” stands for “Islamic”.

We live in a time and culture where it’s a privilege to be a white male and should that male be a conservative, then he’s going to have a much tougher time getting college assistance. I’ve been told that I have more opportunity than every other race and more than the other gender. This is certainly not true. I didn’t know that it was 1850 again, I thought colleges were so focused on diversity that if you’re a white male, you must be the next Einstein or Steven Hawking to get a scholarship. In public and private education, there are a great number of colleges that give scholarships to those who are black, asian, hispanic, female, and so on. The public and private education system has been diluted with political correctness and a need for accommodation for everyone that they alienate those who don’t fit the narrative. They don’t want to offend anyone, because we’ve grown collectively sensitive to where now opinions will be silence should they be something people don’t like. This isn’t America if we can’t speak our mind.

To solve this problem, how about on college applications as well as scholarship/grant applications, race, ethnicity, and gender is not part of what you have to fill out? There are no options for it, it’s simply based on merit and how much the individual deserves it? That’s the most fair system.

On the note of political correctness and equality, if we dare defy the refugees’ asylum in our country, we’re seen as racist, insensitive, and a number of other falsehoods. If you’re going to portray me and my fellow conservatives as being as open-minded as Hitler, who’s the real bigot here? You want to know why I don’t want refugees in the states? Because, most of the refugees are not women and children, it’s young males. Not an orphaned 3 year old (even though ISIS is brainwashing them at a young age to burn the flag and shoot), but young adult males. As it’s already come out, there have been a total of 13 people detained in Honduras and Turkey because of fake passports and being ISIS sympathizers. The same amount have been detained at our own border! They’re here!

The refugees we already have don’t want to stay with those giving them shelter and food and water and a safe place to sleep. They aren’t grateful, they’re demanding. We’re bending over for them to give them a safe place, but it’s not to their standards. What possesses them to think they’ll be given a condo with everything paid for and television and all these things that most of us have worked for? This isn’t their home, it’s a safe space. When everything dies down, they go back (hopefully). But we have to make the distinction that they’re here not to stay, but to live. These refugees that have made their way across European countries are making demands of the native citizens that isn’t in their culture, isn’t what they are supposed to do, and that the refugees have no right to do. If they want to complain about what they’re given in our country and in others that are trying to assist and be humanitarian, then we send them back to their country. If they’re that ignorant to the vast difference, then they don’t deserve it.

I have many liberal friends share posts on Facebook asking why conservatives are so balls-to-the-wall on showing what’s happened in Paris that they forget about what’s happening in Beirut, Baghdad, and other places. Why is Paris getting all the attention?

They’re getting so much more attention because it’s a Western civilization. We all thought, including our President, that we were untouchable and we couldn’t be effected, attacked, or otherwise threatened. If 9/11 isn’t proof enough that those who strongly desire to kill will do it at all costs, then Paris is this wake up call, especially with one of the attackers having a Syrian passport. We can’t put our lives at stake for the sake of political correctness and humanitarian efforts. Our public officials have an obligation to take care of us first, including the homeless, including those living in poverty, including the lower middle class. It will cost the United states somewhere around 65 grand to host 1 Syrian refugee, when they receive medicare, food stamps, and most of the welfare programs. And how many did Obama want to bring in? Just importing 1,000 people to the US is 65 million dollars, and if you make that 100,000 people, well, we’re going to have a relapse in history. Our President is throwing the American people in a rug and discarding it over a bridge into deep water for us to drown.



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