What do we do?

PatriotismYou know, when the United States was torn from the Civil War back in the 1860’s, there were many citizens that fled their homes and fled the states to different countries, therefore escaping conflict. If you know American history, then obviously you know that what I said was simply not true. Men, women, and children stayed and fought for what they believed in, even if it was the asinine cause of slavery. They cared enough about their way of life to fight for it, knowing their life was in danger. Have people changed?


The moment something frightening arrives, we flee it. We are collectively becoming cowards (yet, rioting for equal rights is justified in its intentions and romanticized for its stance as a modern social movement). Men and women don’t fight for their freedom or for their country, they fight for a spot on a boat to come to America. Why are we allowing this to happen? Better yet, why are most of the pictures and videos I’ve seen of the 50% children, 25% 60+, and 23% women refugees mainly of men that are between 17 and roughly 40 years old? This doesn’t fit what we’re being told.

Why are they coming to America? We have enough problems with illegal immigration and not knowing who’s coming in as it is, but we have a homeless population that’s growing and is not being dealt with. But we will give these refugees public housing, medicare, food stamps, and cash welfare? Most of the refugees, over 90%, are still on government assistance, and over 60% are on cash assistance. The government (Democrats, in particular) is using this as a leash to keep them under their wing so that once given amnesty and voting rights, they can vote for them. All this is is a modern-day John Adams using Alien and Sedition Acts to get votes flowing in the right direction, which is not to the right. They want to portray the right as unfair, while the FBI director says they’re spread too thin, don’t have the necessary intelligence from Syria and Iraq to conduct the most accurate vetting of the refugees. But then again, our President has the finest military personnel in his Cabinet and in his defense team telling him that ISIS is the JV team scrambling to get a win half way through the season. Either the generals are incompetent, which I highly doubt, or the President is blinded by humanitarianism, the climate change, the countless scandals happening in his administration, his vacationing to nice places in the country, the war against police, the war against Christians, demonizing Republicans instead of addressing issues that need to be addressed properly, but I digress…

Why is the President so adamant on letting refugees into this country? This wouldn’t be happening in the first place if ISIS was truly contained, like he said they are. Or maybe it would happen anyway, because you would still have them in Syria. Maybe what he’s trying to do is cover his tracks and make up for a failure of a foreign policy that he will never admit to, but we can’t speculate, can we, Mr. President?

Meanwhile, Russia and France are bombing Raqqa, the money capital of the Islamic Caliphate. They’re bombing the oil trucks to they can’t sell oil, and they will hit refineries after that. Once those are hit, we should continue to bomb them mercilessly. One thing the US hasn’t done is do what Russia and France is currently doing because they want to reduce collateral damage and not harm civilians. If they are going to hide behind civilians, they’re simply cowards, case closed. And if you have civilians working for them, they’re either not civilians, they are ISIS sympathizers, or they are enslaved civilians that want to die but won’t and can’t. Our President doesn’t know the rules of engagement for war-type situations. He wants peace, but it will only be achieved when Iran no longer has a stronghold in the middle east, each country is sovereign of its own people, and extremism is not contained but eliminated. We all know that there will have to be boots on the ground. There is no good military operation against a threat that doesn’t result in boots on the ground. It’s the only way to ensure the enemy is taken care of for good. One problem that we’ve had is the swift removal of troops out of the middle east, which effectively created a vacuum for ISIS to take its form. But since we can’t turn back the clocks of history, we have to deal with them now. Bomb their oil, use article 5 with NATO to get a strike force together to take out this influence of terror. Work with who we have their now, attack more heavily, and you will see their revenue decrease and they will become desperate. When they become desperate, we will likely see more suicide bombers. It’s a last ditch maneuver that the Japanese employed in the final days of World War II, and it’s done to protect their honor, or in the case of ISIS, salvation and their seventy-two virgins.

But they’re not desperate yet, we have a long way to go. They’re recruiting people online all over the world, so even though we hammer them with bombs, they’re still spreading. That’s something each country need to take into account, with the sleeper agents of ISIS already in many countries in America, even in France. I mean, even some of the ones responsible for the attack in Paris were French citizens!

But it’s more than being vigilant, it’s about being clear on your objective. Right now, the Obama administration, the same one saying that they’re the most transparent, is not giving the state’s governors any reason for letting refugees in. Republican and Democratic governors alike want information on how many refugees will be brought in, when, and why. They are just told to do it. This is a sign that the federal government, namely the executive branch, has claimed too much power over the states where governors and state legislatures don’t matter. Why should they, when we have the Supreme Court deciding cases like marriage, abortion, religion, and speech when that should be handled by the states? Why should state powers matter when we have a president who will sign an executive order is he doesn’t get his way? Not only is this childish, selfish, and partisan, but entirely and completely tyrannical. When you have Democrats turning on the president, the one they championed in 2012, and defying him because of his administration’s lack of transparency and serving only his agenda, there’s a problem that cannot be overlooked. The federal government is failing its duties to protect the nation against threats, both foreign and domestic, they have taken power away from the sovereign states, this administration especially has consolidated legislative and executive powers to the Presidency, and taking away the people’s voice. By him refusing to name the threat, refusing to tell the states what’s happening, refusing to put the American people first, refusing to work with Congress, and refusing cease the name-calling and bigotry, he is single-handedly making the biggest threat to America himself. I love my country, and all fingers lead back to him when it comes with who’s to blame. Don’t make 43 the scapegoat for everything, that just shows you lack the courage to take responsibility for your own actions. It also shows you’re too egotistical to see when you’re at fault.

Our president has taken the voice away from the people, the power from the people’s hands, and worked to find a way to preserve terror groups across the globe. He mocks the GOP, much like Clinton and Sanders, while he’s abroad in other nation’s. It’s sad. He’s so passionate about attacking fellow American’s, and yet, when it comes to a true threat, he reads from a teleprompter because he’s uncomfortable. In my own opinion, as well as the opinion of others, the President has proven himself to be corrupt, unloyal, and ill equipped to govern this country effectively. We are over shadowed by Russia and China militarily, we’re falling farther into debt, we’re abandoning our allies globally, and still the narrative is that we’re better off now than we were with George W.

With a nation so partisan we could start a civil war, with the world going insane with terror, with an economy 20 trillion in the hole, there is but one question we must ask ourselves.

What do we do?


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