Modern Day Romanticism

downloadIn the presidential race as a whole, we are seeing two things. One is that the right is romanticizing having an outsider in the White House, like Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and even Ted Cruz (he’s an outside-insider), that aren’t afraid to speak their mind and in the case of Cruz and Carson, from my view, have a proven track record of doing what they can to help people. Another is that the left is romanticizing free college education, federalized health care, free this, free that, and being in favor of taxing the rich upwards of anywhere from 50-90% while seeing who has the most political experience and time in office. The right is operating on a more grassroots conservative campaign, where the left operates under the facade of democratic socialism, the gateway drug to a more dangerous form of the economy and the government.

The left romanticizes becoming the modern Robin Hood in taking from the rich and giving to the poor. This has two noticeable side-effects:

  1. If you tax the rich 50-90%, eventually they’re going to run out of money. If the government banks on this kind of funding (pun intended), it will dry up faster than a puddle in the desert in the middle of summer. Even though they’re part of the 1%, their money is finite. If you take everything out of that, where else will you get your money? Taxing them more will make the money run out faster, and they only want to do it so that they can spend more for relieving college students of their loans, running federal health-care, making college free, etc. There are more ways to get money than taxing those who worked for it.
  2. When you give money to the poor from the rich, the scales will balance, yes. Everything will be “fair” in this Utopian society, but we’d all be in the middle class. It’s a way to keep people controlled. If you make too much money, you’re sent back down to the middle class, equal with everyone else. Of course, the only people exempt from these unfair rules are the elites running the government, a true communistic society. The people have nothing unless is it provided by the government. The government, all mighty and powerful, keeps the people informed on what they need, gives them enough to keep them going, and keeps you  dependent. If you speak out against their ways, you’re condemned, imprisoned, or even killed. Leaders will be associated with the divine, will be the cult of personality, control every aspect of your life. That, is communism.

Now, this seems stark, and especially impossible in the USA. But democratic socialism, when applied over a period of time, lights the way towards pure socialism and eventually Marxist communism. Even Marx said that communism would make its way into every country in the world, sooner or later. Should we really prove him right?

As it is, the government is playing a bigger role in our lives. Now, we have a president and political faction who rules like a dictator with pen and phone, circumventing Congress altogether, issuing executive orders in the wakes of tragedies, telling us how much food we can and cannot eat in one sitting, wanting to control and regulate big oil and fossil fuel industries, wanting to ignore facts and basic constitutional principles for the ensured safety of the citizens of this nation, demonizes and scrutinizes the opposing party and the nation for which they all serve, blaming global terror on climate while blaming random shooting on inanimate objects rather than blaming psychological problems of the individual, claiming to be the most transparent administration while having a Secretary of State knowing the truth, emailing it to people, and lying to the public while also sharing classified information with people, wants to shorten the wage gap between a doctor and a burger-flipper to make it fair, wants companies to issue free health-care to employees and supplying them with contraceptives, need I say more? Republics exist because people believe that mankind is generally selfless, with a few exceptions here and there. They ensure freedom of mind and opportunity where you can make or break yourself. Monarchies and totalitarian governments exist because people need to be controlled from their selfish desires, and when put under control of one man, peace can be achieved. Individuality is not a tolerable thing, and fending for ourselves is no longer acceptable.

Can we not take care of ourselves? Do we not have individual minds and choices that we make in our lives to do something? Don’t use Chicago or Detroit or other slums of cities that are atrocious (subsequently run by Democrats) as excuses for the opportunities not being offered to anyone, there are plenty of  people who grew up in the inner city who made a life for themselves (world-renowned neurosurgeon ring a bell?). Why should companies issue contraceptives to employees, namely women? Can they not fend for themselves so they need to be dependent on a company (probably run by a man) to get what they need? Hello, screaming sexism, but on deaf ears.

A perfect example of progressive leftist ideology being present in our culture is what is happening across college campuses to silence people and punish those who think differently than they do. That is what a totalitarian regime does, uses racism and oppression to get  what they want and silence all opposition. But beyond that, black students protesting on college campuses would take a space of student enjoyment, occupy it, then kick white students out because they’re white, even though those whities were just protesting with them! (There was a prospective shooter going onto the University of Chicago campus last week, armed with a M-4 and two Desert Eagle pistols, all fully loaded, with the intent on killing sixteen white people, because a black guy was shot sixteen times after confronting police while on PCP and carrying a knife. This is who people choose to be a martyr.) They romanticize revenge against the oppressive whites. Come on, we have people in office and running for office that want to keep you dependent on them so you feed off of them and never get weened off. But they’re the ones being romanticized. Nobody notices this hypocrisy, and if they do, they’re a conspiracy theorist who is probably on the right-wing radical TV station Fox News who romanticizes capitalism and wants people to be independent and deal with their own problems. These college campuses infected with the idea that they’re entitled to not have their feeling broken are the ones out of touch, don’t deserve attention, and shouldn’t be hired. Sorry, the truth hurts. If you’re afraid of being offended, live with your parents. Or someone who will love you and tell you you’re the greatest. Go there and never leave and visit any place in the world.

If the flag offends you, leave. If my opinion offends you, please leave. If the phrase “Merry Christmas”, “God Bless…”, “The Constitution…” or anything remotely related to something we’ve been saying or doing for decades offends you, why are you here?

The destruction of the American way of life is being romanticized more and more everyday. Politicians offer their view of what “being an American” means, while neglecting the fact that they’re the farthest from being associated with us, kind of like Hollywood. Being an American is being able to speak freely, have your feelings hurt, live to learn and learn to live, be able to buy what you want, learning to be responsible, and being able to sleep at night knowing that we won’t become Soviet Russia anytime soon. Being an American means you can take chances without immediate consequences, like starting a business. Being an American is knowing what’s wrong with something, like our government, and collectively being able to compromise for 50/50 so people get what they need. Being an American means getting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness while not risking your rights to an oppressive group or ideology that is hell-bent on calling fellow American’s their enemy. This is something few people really romanticize.

I romanticize the president being a leader, a leader who is fearless while knowing when the best time to do what is, a leader who can unites a people and help cleanse the government of people who have been in public office for forty years, a leader who can admit they were wrong but be able to fix it, a leader who is humble, a leader who is just. This may stay a romanticism, but it’s 1000% better than romanticizing that people don’t get their inalienable rights. It’s better than romanticizing everyone being the same in mind and finances while living in fear.

“I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude.”

-Thomas Jefferson


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