Here we go…


Chris Christie, failed Republican candidate for 2016, New Jersey Governor who liked to tote his accomplishments on the hill and his state, has endorsed…

Donald J. Trump.

This comes as a shock to many on the right of the isle. Donald might even be a bit surprised. But when you look back on it, Christie didn’t go balls to the wall on attacking Trump like Jeb! or Rubio or Paul. Mitt Romney coming out, as part of the establishment, tried to take on Trump based on his tax returns, saying he either isn’t giving to charities as he’s been saying or lying about how much he makes or just lying in general and hiding something; it was simply an attempt to take Trump out by the establishment, but then you have Christie, part of the establishment, endorse Trump! Imagine if tomorrow Jeb! went out and endorsed him! (That won’t happen.) Romney was hoping that his words would affect Trump in some way to make him lose support, as does the Washington Post, NY Times, Huffington Post, and other big papers, but it only solidifies the support for him more, especially with the backing of some of the GOP and now Christie will be added to the list. But still, the establishment would rather have anybody else but Donald Trump. 

It’s not a matter of conservatism anymore. It isn’t a matter of political opinion or divide or policy, it’s about the country as a whole, or the “populist” view. He has flip flopped so many times in his past, yes, but could that be just to fit in with the crowd? The New York Democrats have never let him into their circles and neither have the Republicans, because he’s neither here nor there. 

I consider myself a staunch conservative, if it wasn’t already known, and my picks for President were and are Cruz or Carson. I know Carson’s almost done, he’s just hanging on for the ride now (which might end after Super Tuesday), but Cruz, as well as Rubio, still stand some sort of a chance. Rubio has the establishment backing now, mainly because Carson doesn’t like them, Cruz is too conservative and too vocal and adamant to remain conservative, Kasich is more of a right leaning centrist who just wants everyone to get along, and Trump is…Trump. The establishment wants Rubio now because he’s hispanic, he’s young, he’s intelligent, he’s well spoken, but in this election, that’s a bad burden to carry on you as a candidate to be supported by them. They hope Rubio can get a broad coalition of voters from all spectrums to unite the party. But they apparently haven’t realized that Trump already has that! Trump, just based on diversity in his support group, spans all ages, all races, both sexes, even both political parties. He has the broad based coalition, but Trump is too brash, too much of what they don’t want in a person. Rubio is now learning to play the “Trump Game” of quick attacks and refusing to let the other person speak and hammer them on one little thing they do, and it worked miracles. The establishment probably thought “well that’s it! There goes Trump’s credibility, he’s done!” But history shows us that that will not be enough to deter any potential voter for Donald. Cruz is the only one who has actually beaten Donald, and that was in Iowa, but since, he’s been 2nd and 3rd, even struggling in his home state of Texas. At this point, I just want someone who will beat either Sanders or Hillary. 

In my opinion, I think it’s time we get warmed up to the idea of referring to Donald as “President Trump”. Mind you, I am not a Trump supporter, I’m still a Cruzian. But Donald is getting endorsements left and right (figuratively and politically) that bring new light and support to his campaign. He is a personality cult; he draws people in and keeps them interested. People look at how he says what he says, not the content that he presents. If his supporters listened to what he actually had to say, and the policy he gives and specifics, they’d be dumfounded to realize that nothing is presented at all. We’ll take jobs back from China and Mexico, and Japan with the cars, we’re going to take ISIS’s oil and bomb the hell out of ‘em, we’re going to build a wall – a magnificent wall – and the Mexican government will pay for it, we’re going to preserve the second amendment, and you can’t forget, he loves everybody. He can get away with all this because of the nationalistic pride that he gives off. America is a great nation at it’s core, but it’s run by incompetent people who can’t make deals and don’t know what they’re doing. This is where I agree with Rubio, and Mr. Limbaugh does too, that Obama, John Kerry – he served in Vietnam – Loretta Lynch, and the Obama administration and left as a whole want to fundamentally change America, and you do that by weakening it from the inside, which is what they’re doing (By the way, John Kerry was interviewed about one the the former GITMO detainees that he helped release and was found re-joining Al Qaeda. He said that he “is not supposed to be doing that”, as if he’s a child that the administration had and was trying to discipline. True ignorance, stupidity, incompetence, etc). They don’t see as America as the land of beauty and abundance, where people thrive in the shining city upon a hill, but rather as the reason for global disasters of chaos. But that’s all besides the point, the front runner of the GOP has given us less policy position and specifics than Nancy Pelosi gave about Obamacare on the floor of the House, and is thriving, slowly building a bigger fanbase, and with names like Chris Christie, Sarah Palin, Scott Brown, the National Black Republican association, and tons more, he will continue to grow to huge proportions. 

Donald Trump says he’s good at making deals. As a businessman, he knows how to do it and do it well. That’s where he’s useful, but to an extent. What we’ve had the last 7+ years is the Republican Party making deals with the Democrats in the House and Senate with very little resistance, which is the root cause for the disdain towards the Washington cartel. His entire campaign, when you listen, he says “we” with whatever he intends to do. “We’re going to take jobs back”, “we’re going to build a wall”, “we” this, “we” that, and people take him for his word. I’m looking at this, and I can’t tell if he means “we the people”, “we the executive branch”, or “we the government”. I like the first one, despise the second one (we’re a Republic and not ruled by a monarch or dictator. He has his roles as president, and we’re already had presidents walk all over the constitution and power grab at federal power, we don’t need another), and the third…it depends what he means. If he means that the government officials elected by us in the House and Senate and working with the state governments, then I’m okay. But if it’s the government taking care of everything, and the government will pay for it, I don’t like it. It’s expense to build a wall. The only way to encourage businesses be built here is to lower the taxes on businesses as they start out and if need be raise them a bit once they get going. Get the regulations out of business and let the free market do it’s thing. Get the government out of the business world (to an extent) to where businesses like Wal-Mart don’t monopolize on small business, and once those small businesses grow, you get more jobs. But by picking up businesses and planting them back in America isn’t going to work alone, they need financial incentives. Here’s the kicker: I get the feeling Donald Trump knows that he will do all of that, but hasn’t felt the need to come out with any of that, because why does he need to? He’s won New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina by wide margins with no signs of slowing down. He’s running on the anger of the electorate and the desire to rid the government of politicians backed by special interests and lobbyists who serve only those funding them, not the people. 

Last night, though, when he began talking about healthcare and the reform that needs to happen, he was suggesting that state lines that divide healthcare availability by state lines, and that healthcare providers should be able to cross state lines, he specifically said that we need to remove state lines so they can go from state to state and be able to pick up new patients and create competition. But what Rubio and the crowd picked up on was removing state lines, not the premise behind what he’s saying. Trump was hammered for only listening to his political consultants and having no real idea of what he believes and what needs to happen for the country. But while I’m all for the free market and competition, if Trump actually believed in this, he’s have to find a way to pull this off in a manner that Congress won’t control and deem it interstate commerce. He wants to healthcare companies in one state be able to provide services in other states, across borders, but they couldn’t do it without Congressional oversight, unless the company sets up offices specifically in that state as an outpost, but operating in one state then having services for others in a different state will be controlled by Congress or even disapproved by them, forcing them to stop. I’m sure it’s been thought of, but it’s still something to be careful of and watch.

Trump, for the most part, despite all this, is playing this smartly, as much as I may not like to admit it. It looked like there was going to be a day of bad news, then he turns it around after announcing he has another endorsement on the way. He did the exact same thing with announcing Sarah Palin as an endorser. And as he continues to widen the lead going into Super Tuesday and bearing no end in sight to his lead, he’s confident. Christie’s endorsement will go into the long list of high profile names and organizations to back him, but the more he gets, the more voters he gets, and the closer he gets to being POTUS. Ultimately, it shows those that are part of the establishment are starting to jump ship and hop on the Trump express.

I just hope that if Trump is the nominee that the establishment, the RNC, the GOP, every name and acronym that is right on the political spectrum, will back the capitalist and member of their own party rather than side with the socialist. If they do, you can bet that Donald will sue someone for defamation, breach of contract, and many other things. No matter what, the Republicans have to take back the White House. 


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