A World Lit Only By Fire


As Obama gets deeper into his final year in office, he and the Democratic party pursue their assault on America in a stronger force than they have in the past 7+ years. It’s been happening, but now, with the impending election this year, they have to make their mark now to make it virtually impossible to erase the “legacy”.

Let’s talk about ISIS.

Brussels. Paris. Places all over Europe and the world are being attacked in the name of Allah and the Islamic State. They’ve ordered the mobilization of over 400 trained fighters into the West. There are radical Muslims that exist and live all over the world, just waiting for the call for jihad. Whenever there is an attack by an Islamic extremist, we are commanded by the left, led by our president, to not name the problem and not blame the religion of peace overall. I’m sorry, but you don’t have Christians blowing themselves up for God, you don’t have Christians slaughtering those who are of different religions for not believing what they do, you don’t have Christians trying to convert everyone and trying to conform to their beliefs. The argument against naming the enemy is absurd, too. We aren’t profiling all Muslims for the acts of a few (even though the moment the drive by media or leftists get a chance, they’ll demonize all Christians and Republicans), we’re saying the select few Muslims that are radicalized are the problem. If the religion of peace isn’t the problem, why has no major figure in the Muslim community condemned the acts of ISIS and Al-Qaeda and all these terror groups? Not to mention the fact that what they use to justify their beliefs is something that’s in the Quran, their holy book. And if Islam isn’t the problem, then why is it so easy for moderate Muslims to become radicalized? If it’s so condemnable, why it hasn’t been done while more are converting to the radical ways is beyond me, and anyone for that matter. And no, taking in more refugees isn’t going to help. REFUGEES AND RADICAL MUSLIMS HAVE BEEN AT THE ROOT OF THESE ATTACKS. What is so hard to understand?? ISIS has openly said that they would lace the peaceful refugees with militants waiting for the call to jihad because we are kind enough to give them the opportunity to do so. It’s not Islamophobic to say that a specific denomination of a religion is what’s wrong, and by not wanting refugees is ALSO not Islamophobic. We have no accurate vetting system because those countries governments don’t even know who’s in their country. Those immigrants aren’t women and children, they’re a vast majority of young adult males, which is what we knew! But we were told we’re afraid of “orphans”. No, we’re afraid you’re trying to destroy the country, Mr. President, I hate to say it. Look, I’m all for being humanitarian as much as the next guy, but we cannot do it right now. There’s too much at stake, and it’s a major threat to national security and the lives of all Americans.

Just look at Europe. Europe is seen by the left as the pinnacle of society, with their quasi-democratic governments and socialist economies. European countries have stood at the ready with their borders wide open to welcome in the victims of radical jihadis throughout the middle east, because neighboring countries to the region aren’t entirely willing to take the lion’s share of refugees. What happened with that? Massive terror attacks, women groped and sexually assaulted, demanding that their living conditions be met in countries that have different life styles, demanding countries get rid of national holiday’s because they’re un-Islamic, the list can go on. These European countries bend over backwards to accommodate them, they hold seminars on how to treat women, even though it doesn’t relate to their beliefs. They terrorize cities and airports and try to overtake the area they’re housed by these countries. Europe is doing everything that Obama and the Democrats want to do in the United States of America, but look how it’s turning out!

ISIS will not stop until we destroy every last one of them and stop the amount of Muslims and ordinary people from being radicalized, or until they get to us first. They promote and image that they’re always victorious and that they’re the path to victory against the infidel, because who doesn’t want to win? And when our president goes around the world, using the liberal idea that climate change is much more dangerous than radical Islamic jihadism, it helps ISIS by showing how weak we are. But it isn’t just Obama, it’s Hillary, Bernie, Debbie “Washing-room” Shultz, and the left in its entirety. They go on camera and agree with the president that ISIS needs to be contained, defeated, and destroyed, but you cannot do any of that if you don’t name the threat! It’s like if during World War II if FDR said that the Imperial Japanese aren’t all to blame, just the group of leaders…that also brainwash their people to blow themselves up and kill themselves for their honor, for their country. ISIS does the EXACT same thing, but in the name of “Allah”. They call themselves the Islamic State. The things they live by are in the Quran. They take the religion to a whole new level, a radical one; therefore, logic permitting, they are: radical Islamic extremists.

Right-wing Christians in America have been branded with a radical ideology that has no basis in truth, that we’re the ones who want to keep people down, that we are the ones killing people with our guns – we’re bitter clingers, remember? – and that we’re the dangerous radicals destroying the world. With that, it represents the entire Republican party and Christians, but to specifically define the threat is 5% of the Islamic faith as radical is demonizing an entire faith? Of course, hypocrisy doesn’t effect the left, because where they deal with emotion and feelings, we deal in logic and efficiency. We do what’s right when it’s right it truthful, thoughtful action, looking at all possibilities to succeed in our mission. Our president can blame Bush all he wants for Iraq and Afghanistan and the war in the Middle East all he wants and have his lackies echo that mating call, but ISIS happened under his watch. At least Bush showed United States strength, even though it was a knee-jerk reaction, in the face of a terrifying threat. FDR can bomb Japan with atom bombs, destroying anything within a wide radius, but United States being dominant and assisting in the demolition of terror regimes, no matter what form they take, is a deplorable action. It just doesn’t make sense. Bush showed strength. FDR showed strength. Reagan showed strength. When the United States act in full force with the UN, with NATO, amazing things can and will happen. When the United States stands up firmly with its allies and takes smart action in the world to better everyone and promote democracy and republicanism and capitalism, good government and economic systems that are stable and let people live free and just. Our president has not done that for our nation or the others. The Muslim world, the US, the UN, major global powers need to condemn radical religious extremism in all forms, including those who slaughter other religions and those in their own. The United States needs to lead again; not be an imperialist nation, not lead from behind, but lead along with these major powers to solve this problem.

“And those who disbelieve and deny Our signs – those will be companions of the Fire; they will abide therein eternally.”  Quran, Al-Baqarah 2:40

This was one of the many verses that ISIS will use to justify themselves, and it’s found in their holy book.


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