For all conservatives, republicans, libertarians, and freedom-loving Americans


For all of those who self-identify as a Republican, Tea Party member, right-wing ideologue, conservative, remotely Republican, or love freedom, listen up.

So far, we have seen an all out assault on conservative, American values from the founding; I’m not talking about slavery or white male dominated society, I’m talking about the American values of living your life, pulling yourself up by your boot-straps and working for yourself to better your life in order to make a better life for those you love. American values inherently have diversity without it being shoved down our throats to promote multiculturalism; America is supposed to be the shining city upon a hill, the nation of freedom in a world of tyranny. These are the American values that are being assaulted, but it centers around one person: Donald J. Trump, our 45th President of the USA.

While we sit and live our lives, we see our colleagues on the other side of the isle attempt to utterly destroy our sitting President in an unprecedented and unabashed manner. They accuse President Trump of being a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin, they ousted Michael Flynn on accusations of lying (when even the FBI agents who interviews him didn’t believe he lied about anything), they got Jeff Sessions to recuse himself, some of Trump’s supporters in his campaign and even a former campaign manager have been indicted, several people within President Trump’s circle are in range for the special council, and it’s only a matter of time before they get to President Trump himself.

We not only see that accusations, but we see in broad daylight how former President 44 has planted land mines for his successor to step on without even walking in the territory, but instead has his people step in, reveal the land-mine, and try to throw it in President Trump’s direction. Simply put, President 44 is actively engaged sabotaging the Trump Presidency in an effort to undermine our republic, undermine the electoral process, and further divide the country.

This is on full display for everybody to see, and while we shouldn’t expect too many Democrats to come to our defense, we don’t even have our own people to support the President. Whether it’s Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Paul Ryan, or Darrell Issa, there are few who will stand up to the liberal media and the liberal agenda to resist and ultimately overthrow President Trump. When the slightest bit of unproven controversy arises, the Republicans attempt to show bi-partisanship by saying how there should be an investigation into the matter at hand to see if there is any credibility. Whenever there was anything controversial from the previous administration, there was clear obstruction of justice, since we’re still looking for some 33,000 emails. How about the Attorney General meeting with the husband of someone who is under federal investigation and did not recuse herself from overseeing the investigation? Hypocrisy won’t work on the left when used, but it’s still good to know.

Moments like this is when Republicans feel obligated to reach across the isle and work with the Democrats on everything to make Washington work and everything look peaceful and right in America. But should the role be reversed, and the Democrats walk all over Republicans – by Republicans, I mean those in government, at least a majority. This doesn’t change  with blasphemous accusations with little to no basis in fact and are a bi-product of fake news. They issue  a certain perception of reality as they see it, and Republicans are forced to put their tails between their legs and submit.

We should not allow this any longer.

With no evidence of Russian hacking of votes in the 2016 election or having any real influence on the voting in general, Donald Trump is the legitimate President. By our electoral process, he was given a clear mandate to lead along with holding Republican control in both houses of Congress. We, the people, chose them and their agenda as a clear repudiation of the liberal agenda. Our representatives should have seen this coming, but they were ignorant of the campaign, evidently. Trump faced down every attack and fought back, unlike any other Republican since Reagan. He had a personality compatible with many Americans, and policies that resonated with a majority of Americans. He emerged from every bomb-shell attack by the liberal media with a smile and a counter-attack. He is vastly different than anything we have ever seen.

This is where I have a fire lit under me. He won on all of the things I previously listed plus reasons I didn’t, and yet we have members of our own party fighting him. How many Democrats turn on their own in Washington? It is clear that their objective is to win at all costs, which means obliterating us on the right, and it starts with demanding that we reach across the isle. That’s not what Trump campaigned on; he campaigned on a reversal from the previous administration and won a YUGE electoral upset.

It’s time for all of us Republicans to stand up for what we believe in and support our President. 

I understand that not all of the millions of people who voted for Trump believe in every policy stance he holds, but we all hold one thing in common: nationalism and patriotism. Don’t let the radical left brand nationalism as fascism. Don’t let the radical left control the narrative on who Trump is and what America is. Our politicians, in large part, will not openly defend the President and the agenda he was voted in to enact. Our politicians, in large part, will not defend their party members with unproved and disproved accusations.

We see how the Democrats operate; they put party above intra-party politics. They don’t destroy their own, they settle their differences to defeat us.

It’s time for us on the right to do the same. Many of us have diverse views, and may not agree on everything, but we have to unify behind our duly elected President to ensure that the radical leftist agenda that has become the Democrat mainstream does not see the light of day. It’s time for us on the right to take back the narrative on what it means to be conservative, to be Republican, and to show we are not the fascists they want to brand us as being. It’s time for us to unify to make this country the country we need to be to secure our individual rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness; to prove that just because we believe in God, it doesn’t mean we’re anti-LGBT; to prove that just because we believe in the 2nd amendment, it doesn’t mean we condone the deaths claimed by guns but prefer people to protect themselves on their own terms; to prove that just because we believe in a border and controlled immigration, it doesn’t mean we’re anti-immigrant; to prove that just because we want to defeat radical jihadists in the world, it doesn’t mean that we think all Muslims are like them; to prove that just because we believe in America, it doesn’t mean we are white supremacist, slavery-loving, woman-shaming group of people that they try to tell everybody we are.

The Republican Party was founded on the principle of individual liberty, freedom for all people, limited government, and the idea that politicians are civil servants, not beyond reproach public figures. This is inherent fact, as it was formed out of the Whig party in the 1850s as a sort of rebellion against the party’s lax views on slavery. Its first President was Abraham Lincoln, the man to inevitably end slavery and continue to have a “United” States of America. His legacy lives on to this day, but the party platform has been smeared by the history-cleansing left. It was the Republican Party in the 1870’s that gave us the first two African American Congressmen, Senator Hiram Rhodes Revels and Representative Joseph Hayne Rainy. Both of these Congressmen were from Confederate States, Mississippi and South Carolina, respectively. The Republican party was derided by Democrats in the 1850’s as “the party of the black man”. This history got white-washed after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Acts of 1965, when a Democratic Lyndon B. Johnson was able to overcome the Dixie-crat voting block, of which housed his friends, and secure the black vote for the Democrat party. This “champion” of civil rights was no champion, but a Klan member in President’s clothing. Even Snopes, a fabled liberal so-called “fact-checker”, wrote and acknowledged some very disparaging phrases when speaking of African Americans made by former-President LBJ.

This history is known by many high level conservative commentators: Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, and many, many others. Yet when you hear Republican lawmakers speak, it’s as if they forget all of them and call democrats out on their white-washing of history. It’s an abomination to continually be slandered and depicted in libelous ways throughout media as hating everybody except white people – especially males – when in fact they are members of the party that fought to secede from the Union and form a slave-state.

We, the American people, who know full well the history of this nation, Her government, and Her people, need to make clear our knowledge and our resolution to not let this stand anymore. Without us, America as defined by the founding fathers and documents will cease to be, falling like Rome or Athens and the great republics in history.

This is the very definition of American Exceptionalism, to be the exception in history of the fallen republics.


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