It’s Getting Close to “Tool” Time!

The time to contemplate existence, the idea of the self, learn mathematical concepts in nature, and have incredible musical experiences is getting nearer and nearer as this is supposedly the year they release their new album.

“Tool”‘s music has been complex and interesting, and as an avid listener of their music, the more complex and down in the weeds they go with time changes and emotional changes, the more I like the song. Their last album, 10,000 Days, has a very wide-ranging evocation of emotions, with the nail-biting “Rosetta Stoned”, the gut-wrenching succession of songs “Wings for Marie” and “10,000 Days”, to the philosophical and spiritual “Right in Two”, and so on.

To me, the amount of time and effort put into the creation of masterpieces is evident, and the culmination of it might have been Lateralus, with them sewing together the whole album through each song, one flowing into another, and each ones showing off their different artistic sides.

Like many Tool fans, I have been eagerly awaiting their new album. They’re such amazing musicians that can interweave their parts so perfectly that it sounds like the epitome of systematic chaos (a Dream Theater reference).

My main question is this: to what extent will politics be involved in the writing of the lyrics? To some extent, Maynard hasn’t been too outwardly political. He has gone on rants at shows about the military, the police, and even about the President to some extent, but there hasn’t been any party affiliation (which is GREAT). However, across the music industry, there has been a degree of “resistance” against the President through their music and lyrics, with the artists showing their Democratic Party views, or if you’re Dave Mustaine you show a pro-Trump view. Regardless, I’m interested to see how or if the lyrics will contain implicit or explicit references to certain political happenings.

Whatever MJK does lyrically, I’m sure it will be composed in a very Tool-like fashion to compliment the surrounding parts, fitting perfectly in the mix and being neither on top of nor behind the rest of the band. They certainly have big expectations to fulfill, especially after their last two albums damn-near being masterpieces. And if for some reason the fans don’t like it, you can bet that the band will care about it as much as they care about writing albums in a year or two.


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